10 Maple Street - the Hudson River Music Hall

HRMH purchased the former Bell Telephone Company building on 11/1/2011 to house a live music venue, an art gallery, a black box theater and a dance studio.

Work continues to create practice/work space for individuals and ensembles in the basement to rehearse and record. Work will continue this summer on creating a garden and sitting area around the outside of the building.

The Strand Theater  www.mystrandtheater.org

HRMH purchased the building from the Town of Kingsbury in October 2016. HRMH received a 100K pledge from the Sandy Hill Foundation for purchase and renovation.

  • Phase 1 – We have opened the first floor as a performing arts venue and community center and will create retail space on the 1st and 2nd floors of the front part of the building. The first floor was the town meeting room and will become a WiFi coffee shop. The 2nd floor is a former dental office with 5 rooms and public bathrooms. These rooms will be converted to retail space or professional office space.

The Creation of 'Central Park'

HRMH is hoping to help create a park system from River St. to the Feeder Canal Bike Trail that would include River St. Park, Wall Street Pond, Murray Park, the Feeder Canal Bike Trail and the Village Reservoir, to become a destination for patrons of the arts, exercise, recreation and education.

  • Phase 1 – Grace Park - clear the brush and smaller trees away to uncover the stream and fireplaces, replace the park benches and foot bridges and build an amphitheater, create a walking path, flower gardens, plaques, sculpture, picnic tables.
  • Phase 2 – Wall Street Pond Park – clear the brush and smaller trees to expose the landscape and create a wide trail around the pond and follow the stream behind it up to the water tower, bike trail and Murray Park, place park benches, foot bridges, etc around the park.
  • Phase 3 – Village Reservoir – create entrances and wide trails from the North and South ends of the reservoir coming from the bike trail and Margaret Street, place park benches, etc. along the trail.